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Design-ul primului pachet Optricks de la Mechanic a fost un adevarat succes. Liniile albe si negre indraznete imbinate in forme geometrice creau o iluzie optica hipnotica perfecta pentru un pachet de carti. Nu a fost o mare surpriza faptul ca s-au vandut din prima toate pachetele produse la inceput.
Acum, pachetul acesta inovativ revine intr-o prezentare si mai deosebita!

Primul lucru pe care il observi la pachetul de carti Optricks Red Edition este faptul ca negrul a fost inlocuit cu un rosu puternic.  Totusi, acesta este doar inceputul!

Pachetul vine si cu mai multe rutini imprsionante si mai multe carti gaff. Am combinat iluziile optice cu indemanare si creativitate si va prezentam acest pachet deosebit.



·         Sigiliul face parte dintr-un efect magic (atentie la desfacerea lui!)

·         Animatie de tip flip-book

·         Gaff anamorfic pe dama

·         Gaff OptiBox `Empty Box`

·         Gaff Grinder Double Sider

·         As de inima neagra personalizat

·         Carti roiale personalizate

·         Bee stock si Magicians Finish

·         Printate de USPCC

·         Tutoriale gratuite in exclusivitate

Our new Anamorphic Gaff - twisting sight and bending minds 

This is a totally new concept in sleight of hand. Our eye-popping anamorphic gaff card uses an optical illusion technique to open up a whole new world of exploration. Now you can use your favorite sleights and color changes in order to create routines that will astound your audiences in a whole new way. It's based around the anamorphic art concept, where your view point makes the most magical moments come to life. We're supporting this card by providing you with a host of routines and sleight combinations for easy-to-do, hard-hitting magic. 

Our new OptiBox Gaff - a new angle on empty box trickery 

The OptiBox Gaff is our ingenious approach to a faux 'empty box' type routine. We've come up with a gaff that is easy to implement and use - on just about any deck! You won't need any advanced sleight of hand, due to the deceptive and clever method our engineers have come up with. With fair and easy handling, this surprising effect won't arouse your audience's suspicion, but is certain to blow their minds. Even people who knew in advance what illusion we were creating were fooled by it when they first saw it!The magician will welcome this powerful concept we've created, because you can easily use it to enhance your existing routines. Or use your own creativity to develop whole new routines around it. Once again, we'll get you started by including a detailed video that teaches you how to hook up your gaff, and a couple of routine ideas to inspire you. 

Our Extras - the Grinder card and the double backer 

Our Grinder Coin Joker is back - with a complete visual upgrade. The realistic rendering and shadows of the new Grinder artwork link the artwork to the real world and will really play tricks with your spectators. Now it's a double-facer, with one side featuring the Grinder Coin, and the other side a very realistic tear hole. This is designed to strengthen the illusion that the coin is literally being ripped from the card into real life. It will also simplify routines like Grindout and make the handling much easier. To avoid any cold morning starts, we've created a couple of concept tutorials that will help you get the most out of this card. 

We'll also include a versatile double backer with the deck. We appreciate card magic here at Mechanic Industries, so we know that you can use this to perform a wide range of magic. In addition, our videos will also show you how to use this card in conjunction with the gaffs for a seamless performance. 

Join us for a fast-paced ride into a new dimension of magic with the new Optricks Red Edition.

NOTE: The seal is used for one of the effects, so you may want to open it cleanly by inserting thin blade into the box and running it along the edge.

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